BMP Web Order eBMP

Solution for General Wholesale Software. Gain greater control over your business with efficient and affordable software, BMP.




• View all Product, customers’ history and past due instantly
• View all products
• Controls maintain the sale record and order entry
• Creates multiple sale orders into single invoice
• Back order by customer and product
• Easy steps to create RMA and Credit Memo
• UPS Worldship and FedEx Integrated
• Manage your customers and inventories effectively and efficiently
• QuickBooks and AR integration



Optional production module manages

• Raw material inventory
• Cost
• Purchase order with account payable
• Vendors and contractors
• Import




Customizable Order Taking Solution. Take Orders and Manage Them with BMP.




• Customizable web look
• Display items online
• Mobile friendly
• Look up the order history
• Synchronize with BMP





eCommerce Integration: Connect Your Website with BMP

• Keep in track of the orders, inventory and payment
• Inventory automatically synced BMP to the website
• With integrated settles and manages transactions with trust